Instrumentation at site 8726520

Water Level sensor: Aquatrak
Wind sensor: R.M. Young

Recent service history:

At the moment I am stuck for a way to get to St. Pete and look at data.
The gage may or may not be fine, but our database is showing no data
since 24/25 Dec. Can you check and E-Mail CORMS. 

98/10/8: ML removed the Paccom and sent it to Paccom. They tested it
and said it was fine but was set to transparent mode. Perhaps storm
surge setting reset some parameters? Hope to re-install the Paccom
late today or tomorrow.

98/10/05: On Thursday and Friday, Phil Librero and I tried
unsuccessfully to get the St. Pete gage back on the screen.
Apparently, it had been in storm surge mode since Georges' approach
and had run down its batteries.  It began transmitting via GOES on
Thursday about noon, once the sun came out and recharged the
batteries, but it still was not answering the PORTS radio calls.  The
Paccom and radio are on a separate battery so they continued to
function even though the Sutron was dead.  Now, the Sutron still does
not respond to the login attempts from the PORTS base.

St. Petersburg water level stopped transmitting on 9/30.  ML will go
over there this morning to see what can be done.  The base is
connecting to the Paccom but the Sutron never responds.


St Pete water level showed a rapid change (6-inch drop) at about
0200GMT, around the same time OPT data was bad, on 08/19.

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