Tampa Bay PORTS real-time observations

Real-time observations are distributed by several methods (see below).
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         Tampa Bay PORTS, NOAA/NOS at  4:48 pm EST  December 11, 2002
-------------- TIDES ------------------------------ CURRENTS ------------------
Port of Tampa      0.9 feet,Rising  :Sunshine Skyway         *** kts.
Port Manatee       0.8 feet,Rising  :Port Manatee Estimated  *** kts.
St. Petersburg     0.6 feet,Rising  :Old Port Tampa          0.6 kts.(F), 007T
Old Port Tampa    ******************:  (F)lood, (S)lack, (E)bb, towards True
------------------- METEOROLOGICAL ---------------------- BOTTOM WATER TEMP ---
Sunshine Skyway     8 knots from NE , gusts to   9    :   Sunshine Skyway
                      Air temp.  66F                 :   ****
                      Pressure 1018 mb.               :   Old Port Tampa
Port of Tampa       6 knots from N  , gusts to   7    :   66F
Port Manatee        8 knots from NNE, gusts to   9    :
St. Petersburg      5 knots from NNE, gusts to   7    :
Old Port Tampa    *********************************   :
 **** - Data not displayed as a result of quality control monitoring. For more
 information, go to http://co-ops.nos.noaa.gov/corms_status.html, or call CORMS
 at 301-713-2540.

Real-time observations are available:
at this USF-hosted site (ompl.marine.usf.edu/PORTS/screen.html).
at the NOS site (www.co-ops.nos.noaa.gov/ports_screens/tbscreen.html).
as a screen dump via modem dial-up. Dial (727) 822-5931 (set modem to 2400,8,none,1). The login, if required, is p. No password is required.
by telephone voice response. Call (727) 822-5836 or (727) 822-0022.
and hourly broadcast by NOAA Weather Radio.

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