Steven Meyers, Ph.D.

Born: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Position: Senior Scientist

Ph.D. Physics 1990
University of Texas at Austin
Supervising Professor: Harry Swinney

B.S. Physics 1984 University of Rochester
B.A. Mathematics 1984 University of Rochester

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Phone: 727-553-1188


College of Marine Science
140 7th Ave. South
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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Research Experience

Senior Scientist, OMPL, Univ. South Florida. 2002-present.
Visiting Assistant Professor, Univ. South Florida. 1999-2001.
Associate Director for Oceanography, COAPS. Florida State University. 1993-1998.
Research Associate. MASIG/COAPS. Florida State University. 1993-1998.
Postdoctoral Fellow. MASIG. Florida State University. 1991-1993.

Ph.D. Physics 1990 University of Texas at Austin
Dissertation title: "Laboratory Studies of Coherent Structures in Quasi-Geostrophic Flows"

Recent Vitae

Research Interests
1. Physics of Estuaries
-Hysteresis/nonlinearity of gravitational currents
-Estuarine transport, mixing, anomalous diffusion
-Impacts of climate change and human development

2. Coupled Bio-physical Models
-Larval transport and distribution
-Statistics of planktonic abundance

3. Wavelet Applications
-Equatorial waves
-Tidal filtering

4. Numerical Modeling of Coastal Ocean Circulation
- Adaptive time stepping

Last updated: July 28, 2015

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