Instrumentation at m01010

Wind gage.
Wind gage is 59 feet above MHHW.

Recent service history:

DCB & SD replaced windbird on WeatherPak (#147).

DCB & SD replaced the solar
regulator and the paccomm and called jim sprenke to see if he could
talk to it, of course it didn't work. after much futzing around with it
we decided to put the old one back in (jim said they got a few new paccomms
that didn't work out of the box). anyway the reconfigured old pac. seems to
be working, with the new weatherpak (installed last thursday). It looks like
the wind direction could be off (just reading values and eyeballing it)
need to check it against vman to be sure.

99/04/22: DCB replaced the WeatherPak (now #147) at CCUT on Thursday (9/22)
 but the PacComm apparently locked up when we tried to restart the
system through the radio link. Will replace the
PacComm with a new one as soon as weather and boat schedules allow.

Barometric pressure data dissemination for SSB was stopped
over the weekend, as directed by Mark Luther, due to a failed barometer. 

99/02/16: (Site visit DCB and LB):

Cycled the paccomm and data started flowing.  The connection on the
batt etc look ok, but i didn't reterminate so i can't tell for sure
that the wireing was fine. I think the power problem was the solar
pannel which was pretty grody i cleaned it, and was getting 13.5v out
of the charger at the batt.  Right now ccut is comming in about 1
minute after vman and 2 minutes before manate (about where its suppose
to be, i'll try to keep an eye on it in case the clock starts
wandering again.  When we finally replace that coastal climate system
it would probably be a good idea to replace the paccomm and set REMS
on so we can send it escape sequences from base.

The WeatherPak at SSB (CCUT) has had clock-drift problems since the
battery failed last month.  DB has reset the clock several times but
it eventually drifts to the point that it attempts to transmit in another
station's time window and is "bumped".  He reset it this morning and it's
working now.  Our only spare is still at Coastal Climate for


The harbor pilots' dispatcher reported that at about noon yesterday
(1/18/99) the PORTS screen was reporting winds at the Skyway (CCUT) at
9 knots gusting to 8 knots.  It bothered her that the gust value was
less than the steady wind value, as well it should.  I noticed the
same thing (Winds 5 knots gusting to 4 knots) this afternoon about
1300 EST.  Is this a software problem or a Coastal Climate WeatherPak

98/12/19: ML and DCB replaced battery, but unable to reset clock.
CCUT tries to communicate in the middle of CSX's transmission.

98/10/8: ML climbed CCUT tower and reset the Paccom, which cured the
problem there.  Battery is leaking acid around the negative terminal.

98/10/01: CCUT met appears to have a bad clock setting and is
transmitting out of sequence. We still do not have the spare
WeatherPak back from Coastal Climate, where it's being recalibrated.
If needed, we can go out and manually reset the system when the
weather calms down.

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