Station IDt03010 (vman)
Latitude27° 39.664´ N
Longitude82° 35.006´ W
Oversight byNOS
Maintained byGTBMAC PORTS
water temperature
Flood/Ebb direction030° True/210° True

Site Notes: Prior to 1997, PORTS nowcasted the currents at the entrance to the Port
Manatee Channel based on Skyway Bridge currents. In January 1997
a current profiler and wind gage were installed at the Port Manatee Turn.
Graphics Notes: Below are the most recent 24 hours of current velocity and direction
collected for real-time bin 7 (corresponding to approximately
7-meters above the bottom). Subtract 4 hours from UTC to get EDT;
5 hours to get EST.
More graphics at NOS: Past 72h currents.

Bay Regional Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment Data

Sorry, currents are unavailable at this time.

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