Instrumentation at t03010

Station ID: t03010
Station name: Port Manatee/Port Manatee Channel/Port Manatee Turn
Current meter type: ADCP workhorse, broad band
Pinger frequency: 30 KHz
Pinger battery last changed: 5/22/98
Bin to use for real-time: 7
depth cell length: 1 meter
Bottom type: fine sand-mud
Charted depth: 44.0 feet
Position of tower: 27 deg 39.725 min N, 82 deg 35.668 min W
Position of pinger: pinger left on the ADCP platform; set down @ 27 deg 39.737 N and 82 deg 35.849 min W.
Recent service history:

The Port Manatee ADCP was recovered and the platform moved away from the 
ship channel because of dredging operations that are about to take place
there.  The connector on the ADCP was corroded which explains the garbage
data we have been receiving and probably the catastrophic battery failure
a few months ago.  David's report appears below.  We will return the ADCP
to RDI for repair.  That connector was just replaced last summer so it may
have been a bad connector to begin with.  We will replace the entire sea
cable when we return the ADCP to it's original location.  This will not
happen until late April, as that is the projected time for completion of

Moving the current meter platform and retrieving the ADCP
went pretty well. We found the site in the fog after a long slow trip
out. I unhooked the sea cable from the mod. and we proceeded
to the spot in the channel where the ADCP was. We found it with
the pinger locator with no problem and Ed and Mike removed it and
brought it back to the boat. A quick inspection showed that one of the
pins was correded completly away and another had some corrosion.
Ed and Mike hooked up the air bags to the platform and floated it without
We started towing and after about 20 yards the cable got fouled, Ed cleared
it an we went 20 more yards and got stuck again. The cable was burried in
sections in the sand waves on the bottom, with Ed pulling the cable up
in the sand waves and about half throttle on the ports boat we managed
to drag the ADCP platform about half way back to the tower, the
bight in the cable apears to be just south of marker 88 hopefully out
of the path of the proposed dredging.
The pinger was left on the ADCP platform and we set it down @ 27 deg 39.737 N
and 82 deg 35.849 min W. We recovered the air bags and divers and headed home.

98/12/22: Site visit revealed plastic piling is in bad shape, only
fibreglass rods supporting the tower. Couldn't get the ADCP to respond
to the RSM. Hooked straight to the ADCP bypassing everything except
the sea cable, and got two or three correct responses.  Pulled up 30
feet of slack in sea cable and reconnected past some very bad looking
spots.  No improvement - conclude cable needs replacement.

There will be dredging going on where the ADCP is located, so we will
pull it out early next month and replace the cable when we re-deploy
it after the dredging is completed.

98/10/01: Port Manatee ADCP and winds have not been reporting for over
a week.  We have not been able to get out there because of weather.
We are scheduled to dive on the ADCP on 10/5 with 10/7 as a backup
day. From the communications with the systems, it does not appear that
the base is even calling VMAN. From what we were seeing before it
completely dissappeared, it looks like salt water may have invaded
some of the connectors in the signal conditioning module, as was the
case at the Egmont Channel site.

From: Tom Landon 
To: Mark Luther 
Subject: Port Manatee status on 9/14/98

What happened on the 14th? The system flagged sensor and datum offset
changes at Port Manatee.

98/8/18: CORMS Operator wrote:

> Hey guys-  The Port Manatee CU has reported a lot of YELLOW W4BS
> (warning- not enough 4-beam solutions) and W34B (not enough 3- or 4-beam
> solutions) mixed in with an occasional YELLOW WRTL (warning- Real-time
> bin has been lowered) this morning.  The night watch did not have any
> trouble with it but so far this morning it has been YELLOW as much or
> more than it has been GREEN.  Do you think you could get someone to take
> a look at it.  This may be an indication of an upcoming instrument
> failure (but then again, it may not be).

We are having a problem with our Manatee Turn (t03010)
RSM. First we noticed wind speed spikes of > 30knots
during otherwise calm conditions. Now there 
are obvious spikes in currents also, as David Burwell notes
this morning:
Spikyness at vman has infected the
current meter data too. I tried a reset this morning (11:33 GMT)
for the RSM, but it is probably corroded connections or
some other source of noise to the RSM.

98/6/2:  ADCP redeployed
Position of ADCP (5/20/98): 27 deg 39.691 min N, 82 deg 36.001 min W
98/5/22: ADCP removed b/c of broken pin in connector; sent back to RDI for repairs 5/20/98: ADCP repainted with antifoulant and redeployed.

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