Instrumentation at t04010

Station ID: t04010
Station name: Egmont Channel, Buoy 10/ Palatine Shoal
Bottom type:
Charted depth:
Current Meter
Type: broadband ADCP
Model and serial number: Workhorse
Bin to use for real-time: 7
depth cell length: 1 meter
Latitude/longitude position of ADCP: 27 deg 36.156 min North; 82 deg 51.946 West
RJE Datasonics model UAT 376EL serial number 1847 with 6 9-volt lithium batteries and a batt. life projected at 18 mo.
Frequency: 25kHz (Channel 1)
Battery last changed:
Directional wave gage
Type: Woods Hole Group custom design.
Description: bottom mounted tripod with 3 Paroscientific pressure sensors.
Wind gage
Model: RM Young Windbird.
Serial number:
Visibility sensor
Serial umber:

Recent service history:

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